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Opera Gala… Opera for a Cause
represents a group of some of the most talented classical musicians in Northern Ontario. These individuals have raised thousands of dollars for charity over the last eight years, primarily for the Sudbury Blue Door Soup Kitchen and the Sudbury Infant Food Bank. The highly attended concerts feature vocalists and a chamber orchestra in an elegant soirée followed by a reception. All of these musicians give their time, energy and artistic talent without charge to raise funds for these worthy causes.

The Opera Gala emerged from an opportunity. Discovering a lack of performance prospects in the north for highly skilled musicians, seven motivated vocalists and one highly skilled pianist decided to create their own. The result was an endeavour so well-received it is now an annual tradition. The first year, tickets sold out a week before the concert and the event was standing room only and from that moment the four pillars of Opera Gala mission evolved: 1) to provide a fun performance atmosphere for highly skilled northern artists 2) to offer a sophisticated event for northerners to see exceptional music in Northern Ontario 3) to give back to the community through charitable donation 4) to allow educational opportunities for young northern musicians and ensure the continuance of exceptional music in the North.

As time progressed, more vocalists were added to the group, including guest artists from the Canadian Opera Company, until a full 20 vocalists and chamber orchestra took to the stage to celebrate the fifth anniversary November 2016. Also that year, Opera Gala… Opera for a Cause was excited to finally implement their fourth pillar, improving educational opportunities for young northern musicians, with the introduction of a student bursary program. Following an audition process, six students sang chorus with the Gala and were able to experience the dedication and commitment needed to create a professional performance and the thrill of singing with an orchestra.

Due to audience request, the Opera Gala added a few selections of Broadway to the mix, extending the program and also the ovations. The move was a smashing success.

In future, the Gala team hopes that not only will they be able to cover full costs through sponsorship but also that when they bring in exceptional artists and guest performers in from prestigious companies they will be able to share their artistic abilities through performance, and additionally through workshops and masterclasses. In this way, the entire community will be able to learn from the extensive knowledge of these individuals.


For more info, please contact:

Tracy Sanmiya
Opera Gala… Opera for a Cause
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